The Gathering Inc. /Baptist Bush Church(BBC) Child Protection Policy


Statement of main objectives: To create an environment that is as safe as possible for children.

Philosophy: Child protection is paramount in the church.

Child Abuse: Is physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, domestic violence and self-destructive behaviour.



Raising and reporting concerns of child abuse/ Management Responsibilities

Any child abuse must be immediately reported to the appropriate government authorities as is mandatory by NT Legislation; then reported to the eldership of the church, whom will relay the situation to the Baptist Union and other appropriate bodies so that correct legal and pastoral action can be taken.



All adults directly working with children need to acquire an ochre card as is mandatory by NT Legislation.



All people directly involved with children are to do a CACET course or similar course training them to

be aware of child abuse.



Nobody shall consult a child with the door closed or without being in open view, except for a parent or guardian of that child. E.g. If a child requires to go to the toilet at Sunday school one of the Sunday school teachers must notify the parent or guardians of that child who can then escort them to the toilet.



Gathering Inc/ BBC camps

All leaders must have an ochre card; all supervising adults must have a police check.

All male and female participants are to camp in separate areas.



Youth Group activities

Where appropriate, children will need to sign in and out when coming and going from activities.

Indemnity forms are to be signed for sporting activities, Gathering Inc/ BBC camps and other activities where deemed necessary.



If a member or associate of the Gathering Inc/ BBC is undergoing police investigation or on trial for child abuse then that person and their spouse must be immediately suspended from ministry to protect them and the church. Appropriate pastoral care can then be put into place for these people.

Other associates of the people under investigation may also be suspended under the elderships discretion. Their role in the Gathering Inc/ BBC is to be reviewed pending the outcome of the investigations.



No convicted paedophile that has been identified by the Gathering Inc/ BBC is able to attend church services or other church activities where children attend. They can only attend child free activities when invited by the pastor or eldership of the church, for example adult bible study. These people can be cared for outside of church activity with pastoral visits, counselling and other support services.





Convicted paedophiles who wish to use the Gathering Inc/ BBC for mediation with their families can do so only with  appropriate government authorities involved.



To support victims and staff the Gathering Inc/ BBC is encouraged to help as much as possible through physical means, financially where needed and counselling and through network with agencies that have expertise in this area.  Eg. in the Northern Territory, Headspace, Ruby Gaea, Relationships Australia.



When The Gathering Inc/ BBC is operating outreaches, the various leaders are encouraged to wear their identification cards, which identify them as an official volunteer of the church with appropriate clearance; eg. ochre card and training.



All Gathering Inc/ BBC computers with youth access are to have appropriate internet blocks put into place.



Outside of hours contact

There is to be no outside of hours contact unless parents’ permission has been granted prior.




Under no circumstances are children to be hit, isolated in rooms or intimidated as a means of discipline. Children’s parents will be alerted of any notable misbehaviour, children may be excluded from certain activities if misbehaving and measures will be taken to inform children of what is right and wrong behaviour.






Mandatory Reporting

The Gathering Inc understands its obligation to work in accordance with the laws applicable to mandatory reporting in the Northern Territory. All staff will be made aware and familiar with the associated child protection laws.